All You Ever Wanted.

Take a step before runnin’
Take a breath now before you dive
When you work the streets, darlin’
Make sure your sneaker laces, they get tied.

Hmm-WClick here for larger image.

I was inspired by something I saw in a real life decor post, so I wanted to try and do something similar but with my taste in it. Sadly I do not think I have pulled it off but I had a lot fun putting this together.

I hope you like it!

Elvi ♥

The Scene:

Build: The Domineaux Effect – The Old Orchard Cottage by Domineaux Prospero.
MudHoney - Zoe Chair by Ravyn Hynes @ Collabor88.
Atelier Visconti - Mont Blanc Step Stool by StephanVisconti Resident.
Second Spaces – Odyssey bowl of figs – yellow by Elle Kirshner @ Collabor88.
The Loft - Spool Table Bronze by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
Pixel Mode - Lisa Lamp by Tya Fallingbridge.
floorplan. - hello wall hooks by Tegan Serin @ No21.
Apple Fall - Botanical Study 4 by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
The Loft - Bennet Drapes by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
The Loft - Roxy Square Pillow Grey Links by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
The Loft - Roxy Square Vintage Sack by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
Dutchie - Schefflera tall by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
[ Organica ] - Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter by Aki Shichiroji.
[we're CLOSED] - weave basket by Mandigo Quan/Wendy Xeno.
Second Spaces - Odyssey pillow stack by Elle Kirshner @ Collabor88.
Alouette – Medieval Candle Style by Scarlet Chandrayaan @ Fit for a Princess.
MudHoney - Zoe Dresser by Ravyn Hynes @ Collabor88.
floorplan. – life is beautiful chalk frame by Tegan Serin @ No21.
Apple Fall - Meadow Flowers by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
[ARIA] - Lydia Amsonia flowers in a vase by Yelo Uriza @ Collabor88.
Apple Fall - Key Lamp (Nickel) by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident @ Collabor88.
Apple Fall - Design Books by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Apple Fall - Books by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Bazar – Toronto – Sofa by Ria Bazar.
Apple Fall - Sketchbook by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Atelier Visconti – Vanite’ Bird Cage Hanging by StephanVisconti Resident.
Apple Fall - Wooden Tribal Jars by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Apple Fall - Plaster Horse by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Apple Fall - ‘Cat’ Art by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Trompe Loeil - Branch Wreath by Cory Edo.
The Loft - Andreas Olive Branch Lantern by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot @ Collabor88.
Apple Fall - Lightbulb Terrarium by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Apple Fall - Vase Object by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Apple Fall - Wild Thistles by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
The Loft - Wareham Planter by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
Trompe Loeil - Ines Weave Screen by Cory Edo.
Alouette – Metal Floor Clock by Scarlet Chandrayaan.
Dutchie - tray with black coffee by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
-tres blah- - Pastry Mania – Pastry Puffs by Julliette Westerburg.
Dutchie - Art deco brown and blue rug by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Trompe Loeil - Ines Ottoman by Cory Edo.
The Loft - Granite Spheres by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
Skye Studios – Four Season Oak Tree by Alex Bader.

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Dreaming My Dreams With You.

All the things you said to me today, 
Change my perspective in every way. 
These things count to mean so much to me, 
Into my faith, you and your baby. 

It’s out there. It’s out there. 
It’s out there. If you want me I’ll be here.

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When You’re Gone.

Hold onto love that is what I do now that I’ve found you. 
And from above everything’s stinking, they’re not around you. 

And in the night, I could be helpless, 
I could be lonely, sleeping without you. 

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Head Over Feet.

I had no choice but to hear you
You stated your case time and again
I thought about it

You treat me like I’m a princess
I’m not used to liking that
You ask how my day was.

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Belleza’s Beth.

A stranger’s light comes on slowly
A stranger’s heart without a home
You put your hands into your head
And then smiles cover your heart.

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Time of the Season.

It’s the time of the season
When love runs high
In this time, give it to me easy
And let me try with pleasured hands

To take you in the sun to promised lands
To show you every one
It’s the time of the season for loving.

TimofTheSeason2Click here to see larger image.

Happy Saturday!

So I meant to do this blog post last night but I was severely distracted with us attempting to go out which never really happened so we hung out at platform life. So sorry for the delay on posting this but I was super tired and I normally make a ton of mistakes when I am over tired!

Apple Fall released this gorgeous kitchen set at UBER and it comes with many different colour options! Click here to the see the buyers guide that he has created. You will want to have this kitchen in your life. I had a lot of fun decorating this kitchen, I wanted a homely look where it looks used instead of some model kitchen for display! It’s a dream kitchen for me.

It is my birthday weekend as my birthday falls on a weekday, so I will be having drinks with some friends of mine!

Happy weekend.

Elvi ♥

The Scene:

Culprit - Village Cottage Cotswold by Eku Zhong & Yure4u Sosa.
Apple Fall – Plantation Sink (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Apple Fall - Plantation Counter (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Apple Fall - Plantation Stove Hood (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Apple Fall - Wide Stove (Black) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Apple Fall - Plantation Cabinet (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Apple Fall - Plantation Corner (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
LAQ Decor – Shelf/Stove1 (part of the LAQ Kitchen) by Winter DiPrima.
[M*M] Dishwashing Liquid&sponge
Dutchie - vintage metal dishrack by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
-tres blah- Spring Living – Radio (Floral) RARE by Julliette Westerburg.
Apple Fall - Poppies / Glazed Vase by WarehouseFifteen Designs.
Dutchie - olive oil bottles by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Second Spaces – Ezra Winerack by Elle Kirshner.
Trompe Loeil – French Country Clock Green by Cory Edo.
Culprit - Old Copper Kettle (mesh) by Eku Zhong & Yure4u Sosa.
Dutchie - pan 2 by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Dutchie - pot with kitchenware by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
{vespertine-nomnom cutting board } by Amelie Knelstrom.
Dutchie - Vegetables including tomato’s, peppers, onions and zucchini are part of the Dutchie Kitchen by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Dutchie - cookbook by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – snacks RARE by Elle Kirshner.
Dutchie - Bowls, tins and cups from the Dutchie Kitchen by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Pixel Mode THB – Mixing Bowl Stack by Tya Fallingbridge.
-tres blah-  Tea Time – Stacked Cups by Julliette Westerburg.
-tres blah-  Kitchen Basics – Plates by Julliette Westerburg.
-tres blah-  Kitchen Basics – Bakeware by Julliette Westerburg.
-tres blah-  Kitchen Basics – Cookie Jars (Blue) by Julliette Westerburg.
Dutchie - rice and pasta by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – pots by Elle Kirshner.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – baskets of raw goods by Elle Kirshner.
Apple Fall - L’Olivier by WarehouseFifteen Designs.
Lark – Sunflowers by Sienia Trevellion.
BCC – macaron Paper bag Vegetables Rare by VitaminGirl Resident.
BCC – macaron Paper bag Chocolate by VitaminGirl Resident.
*~MMG’s~* – Lace curtain-ribbon by Masomaso Quan.
LISP – Mesh Blinds Narrow Long – White by Pandora Popstar.
Apple Fall - Design Books @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Pixel Mode - Dog Food Dish Yellow by Tya Fallingbridge.
Pixel Mode - Dog Water Dish – White by Tya Fallingbridge.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – chalkboard by Elle Kirshner.
Apple Fall - Plantation Bookshelf (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Dutchie - Weave Baskets part of the Dutchie Kitchen by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – canned goods by Elle Kirshner.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – paper goods by Elle Kirshner.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – dry goods by Elle Kirshner.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – spices by Elle Kirshner.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – jams RARE by Elle Kirshner.
-tres blah-  Kitchen Basics – Preserves by Julliette Westerburg.
Second Spaces - Well-stocked Pantry – canisters by Elle Kirshner.
Apple Fall - Plantation Cabinet (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Sari-Sari – Upcycled Brass Bucket Lamp by AbbyAnne Resident/StupidMonkey Resident.
The Loft - Newcombe Chandelier Black by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
Apple Fall - Plantation Dining Table (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
Apple Fall - Plantation Dining Chair (Cream) by WarehouseFifteen Designs @ UBER.
The Loft – Linen Trim Rug Beige by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
:Cheeky Pea: – Rainey Bistro Newspaper by Isla Gealach.
Apple Fall - Treats Platter RARE by WarehouseFifteen Designs.
MudHoney - Zelia Bag by Ravyn Hynes.
Plethora – Tablet – Elvira Harley (Custom Edition) by PlethoraSL Resident.
Apple Fall - Tiffany Tea Pot RARE by WarehouseFifteen Designs.
-tres blah-  Pastry Mania – Macarons by Julliette Westerburg.
The Loft - Lilies Yellow by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
-tres blah-  Pastry Mania – Pastry Puffs by Julliette Westerburg.
Apple Fall - Lemon Tea by WarehouseFifteen Designs.
Dutchie - book with glasses by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
-tres blah-  Tea Time – Cupcakes by Julliette Westerburg.
Apple Fall - AIR Notebook by WarehouseFifteen Designs.
Lark - Market Bag (Potatoes) by Sienia Trevellion.
The Loft - Newcombe Chandelier Black by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.

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When you have nothing left to fight for.

Better to fight for something than live for nothing.

UhhClick here for larger image.

I have been in a blogging slump and I am really not sure why I am. I am just so frustrated with taking photos and everything I try doesn’t seem to come out right so I am at the point of what am I doing wrong. I love taking photos and I love blogging, I know recently well for a while I have not been blogging as much and I trying to fathom why my images are not looking right to me or what is off with them. I cannot express how many images I have deleted this week alone.

I normally work best when I am emotional or emotionally drained as I seem to have the best inspiration for it, I am slightly emotional today and I do not like to blog when I am feeling like this because I tend to keep my stuff private.

Anyway! I found a gorgeous dark sim, it has a lot of rain which was hard to keep derendered as it kept coming back but five attempts later I managed to get the picture done and edited it etc.

So because I am actually going as far as blogging this, this is a good sign I think.

Have a great evening.

Elvi ♥

The Look:

Skin: Belleza - Beth by Shyla Diggs @ UBER.
Hair: Exile – After The Rain Sparkle by Kavar Cleanslate
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Head Accessory: +Half-Deer+ – Starry Twilight Antlers by Halogen Magic.
Top: Milk Motion – Queen Tee by Marie Lauridsen (VIP Gift).
Shorts: Boom – Estate Shorts by Aranel Ah.
Belt: ~Pepper~ – Andavi Belt by Danni Pfeffer.
Socks: Just Design – Boyfriend Socks by Davidefre Resident.
Boots: REIGN.- MOCCASIN BOOTS by KenadeeCole Resident @ FaMESHed.
Accessory 1: Boom – Friendship Knit Bracelets by Aranel Ah.
Accessory 2: Imeka – Pearl Bracelet by NatiWilliams Resident.
Accessory 3: Izzie’s – Belt Bracelet by Izzie Button.

Pose: Del May by Del May.

Location: H22o

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Yesterday Was A Lie.

Did I sell my soul for that feeling?
You know why yesterday was a lie
I can’t keep thinking I was right
Don’t go…. 

BlahEh2Click here for larger image.

Hi everyone and happy weekend!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! I have been feeling off with my images recently, and even my scenes that I generally put together. For some reason I just feel off with it all and I am not even sure if I like this scene. So this an attempt to try and find some joy in my workings again. Maybe I just need a vacation!

Have a super weekend and enjoy! ♥

Elvi <3

The Scene:

Scarlet Creative - Atlantic Gazer Prefab by Charlotte Bartlett.
{what next} - Maison Drapes by Winter Thorn/FrankLee Anatra.
floorplan. - sailor’s ottoman / grandma by Tegan Serin.
TARTESSOS ARTS – Old Typewriter by Nico Griffith.
Zigana . plant by Nalena Fairey.
Apple Fall – Vintage Camera w/ Tripod by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Apple Fall - L’Olivier by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Zigana . With love pile by Nalena Fairey.
Soy. – Rug for leather long bench by Soyoy Resident @ The Mens Dept.
MudHoney – Scattered Papers by Ravyn Hynes.
{vespertine- opened memories trinket box} by Amelie Knelstrom.
Apple Fall - Organic Form Chair (White) by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.
LISP – Mesh Blinds Narrow Long – White by Pandora Popstar.
Kalopsia – Bowl Plant Hanger by Isabeau Baragula.
Dutchie – Trunk by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Dutchie - Coffee mug stand by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Soy. - vintage boom box [Metal] by Soyoy Resident @ Kustom9.
Apple Fall - Design Books by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Apple Fall - Recycled Wood Sideboard by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.
{what next} - Maison Table Lamp (brass trim) by Winter Thorn/FrankLee Anatra.
MudHoney – Zelia Books by Ravyn Hynes.
Apple Fall - Lightbulb Terrarium by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Scarlet Creative - Mountain Love Plant in Pot by Charlotte Bartlett.
Cheeky Pea - Whitby Willows by Isla Gealach @ The Seasons Story.
junk. dreamers light. iron. by Tab Tatham/EvanKeel Resident.
Apple Fall - Dress Form w/ Dress by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
MudHoney - Zelia Stool – Navy by Ravyn Hynes.
Apple Fall - Tea Time Teaset by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
floorplan. buoy basket by Tegan Serin @ The Seasons Story.
Soy. - Drink bottle box (without logo) by Soyoy Resident @ Okinawa Summer Festival.
PILOT – Rolled Paper Rack by Kaz Nayar.
*bbqq*-Butterfly Sewing Machine-Dark by Omiluo Resident.
Apple Fall - Wild Thistles by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Apple Fall - Woodstock by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Culprit - Country Fireplace by Eku Zhong.
Zigana . bookshelves . dark by Nalena Fairey.
Apple Fall - Boston Print No.1 by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.
/ XIAJ / Art Studio Easel (canvas on side) by SuperJaix Resident @ The Seasons Story.
Apple Fall - Resting Easels by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
/ XIAJ /  Compressed Charcoal Boxes by SuperJaix Resident @ The Seasons Story.
/ XIAJ /  Wendz Table Pedestal w/ Paint Brushes by SuperJaix Resident @ The Seasons Story.
/ XIAJ /  Artificial Paint Tubes by SuperJaix Resident @ The Seasons Story.
/ XIAJ /  Hera Artist Stool by SuperJaix Resident @ The Seasons Story.
/ XIAJ /  Sir Paints-a-lot Palette by SuperJaix Resident @ The Seasons Story.
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Aviator RARE by 8f8 Resident @ The Dreamers Factory.
8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Mom and Little Mister Sky RARE by 8f8 Resident @ The Dreamers Factory.
Cheeky Pea – Rainey Bistro Newspaper by Isla Gealach.
floorplan. reference books by Tegain Serin @ The Seasons Story.

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