Maxi Gossamer


Ain’t No Sunshine.

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
It’s not warm when she’s away.
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away.

ClaudiaM2Click here for larger image.


Did you hear the news? I mean really did you hear the news???!

Belleza released a gorgeous skin called Claudia, and I just love the brows on her! This is kinda a lot of images post but I do not care as I couldn’t resist taking all the pics with this skin.

She comes in 10 gorgeous make ups, 10 option lipgloss add on bundle where you have various choices to enhance your lips as well as a tintable blush option! It is really use to use and it will suit your needs perfectly! It comes in the 7 skin tones of Fair, Pale, Medium, Sunkissed, Tan, Mocha and Deep Tan! There are several eyebrow options of Blonde, Brown, Black, Light Red, Dark Red and No Brow option! Take a look at the below images to see the collage of some of the skins and a version I mixed together myself with the Ria freckles, Blush and Lipgloss! It is super pretty!

Imeka, BCC aka Bonne Chance, Lark and 8f8 are all at The Dreamers Factory with adorable things, in the main image above the purse I am holding is part of a gacha from BCC which is one of the commons and it comes with a super adorable holding animation. Imeka has cuuuute pops for you to hold and stuff your face with which I am wearing on my left hand! Lark has adorable necklaces for you to grab which is called Dreamers Necklace! 8f8 has vintage birds part 2 to collect from the gacha and trust me I went crazy trying to get the rares! All these items are at the Dreamers Factory which you have to go see!

ClaudiaMainClick here for larger image.

I will be honest and feel like I am pouting in this picture. I do not think I did a great angle or I may have over edited the bottom lip a little too much but I have never been good at portraits so eeps but I wanted to my selfie with Claudia!

ClaudiaC1MainClick here for larger image.

ClaudiaC2MainClick here for larger image.

Although I have not showed one of the available makeups, trust me it is gorgeous but I had a fail moment and didn’t include it in and I realise this now as I am typing this out. My brain has been super frazzled recently and I am trying to get back any brain cells I have left.

Elvi ♥

P.S. The song has nothing to do with the post, it was stuck in my head today.

The Look – Image One:

Skin: Belleza – Claudia by Shyla Diggs.
Hair: Truth Hair – Lala by Truth Hawks @ L’amitie Market.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Hands & Feet: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Top: Fishy Strawberry – Y-Back Top by Fae Eriksen @ Kustom9.
Jeans: Fishy Strawberry – Coated Pants by Fae Eriksen @ Kustom9.
Sandals: Just Design – Roma Sandals by DavideFre Resident.
Necklace: Lark – Dreamers Necklace by Sienia Trevellion @ The Dreamers Factory.
Bracelet 1:  {Imeka} Pearl Bracelet by NatiWilliams Resident @ The Dreamers Factory.
Bracelet 2: Izzie’s – Belt Bracelet by Izzie Button.
Watch: Gizza – Asia Watch&Bracelet by Giz Seorn.
Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Ring – Positano Night Jewel by Maxi Gossamer.
Accessory 1: B.C.C – Lullaby Coin Purse Kingyo by VitaminGirl Resident @ The Dreamers Factory.
Accessory 2: {Imeka} Bird Cake Pops by NatiWilliams Resident @ The Dreamers Factory.
Accessory 3:  8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Miss Mom and Little Mister Sky RARE @ The Dreamers Factory.
Accessory 4: 8f8 – Vintage Birds II – Mister Aviator RARE by 8f8 Resident @ The Dreamers Factory.

Pose: Le Poppycock by Olivia Lalonde.

The Look – Image Two:

Skin: Belleza – Claudia by Shyla Diggs.
Hair: Magika – Dreamy by Sabina Gully.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Necklace: Cae – Karma Range by Caelan Hancroft.

Pose: Le Poppycock by Olivia Lalonde.

The Look – Image Three & Four:

Skin: Belleza – Claudia by Shyla Diggs.
Hair: Truth Hair – Lala by Truth Hawks @ L’amitie Market.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Top: Tee*fy – Marlene Blouse by Azure Electricteeth.

Pose: Label Motion – Berry Pose by Anne Dakun.

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Searching For You.

You took a piece of me a long time ago,
and ever since then I have been searching
in all the wrong places to get that piece back.


welove_009Click here for larger image.


We Love Role-Play opened on the 4th July with a lot of amazing items! I am in love with this dress from DRIFT. It is so very pretty! It is fitted mesh, and so feminine on, it had inspired me to do something different for today’s blog post!

I decided to put a scene together to give some sort of forest look and decided to use the Heart trees as I have never really used them before! It gave it more of a realistic jungle theme I was looking for!

Glam Affair is releasing a brand new skin line at Collabor88 but there is something very special about this skin line… There is a new tone and she is called Exotic which I decided to use for this blog post. She is stunning on, normally I am not a tan person but how can you resist this beautiful tone. The new skin line is called Kallisto and it comes in 8 different make ups, several eyebrow choices as well as the non brow choice. She is available in Asia and Exotic.

KallistoCollage1Click here for larger image.

Tableau Vivant has two new hairstyles for Collabor88 and it is called Panther and Cheetah. Cheetah is in the second image and it comes with optional hair strands which texture changes it to any animal print. It is super pretty with the strands or without! Panther is in the first image and I am just in love with the headband, reminds me of a very boho hair style.

Imeka is at Chapter Four with a gorgeous necklace called Vintage Flower Necklace and it comes in two different types of metals of Silver or Old Gold.

Elvi ♥

The Look – Image One:

Skin: Glam Affair – Kallisto by Aida Ewing @ Collabor88. (Opens tonight at midnight the 8th!)
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Panther Hair by M4ri1yn Magic @ Collabor88. (Opens tonight at midnight the 8th!)
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Hands: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Ears: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel.
Dress: DRIFT – FANTASY Royal Reign Dress by Kallisto Destiny @ We Love Role-Play.
Bracelet 1: Maxi Gossamer – La Cerlique by Maxi Gossamer.
Bracelet 2: +Half-Deer+ – Painted Rustic Bangle by Halogen Magic.
Necklace: Cae – Hamsa by Caelan Hancroft @ FaMESHed.

Pose: :Picture This!: – By Lantern Light by Keliahangelis Resident @ We Love Role-Play.

The Scene:

Heart – Giant Forest Oak by Lilith Heart.
HPMD* – Shrub by Sayaya Kayo.
[we're CLOSED] – shrub by Wendy Xeno.
Botanical – Posed Wooden Cart by Kriss Lehmann.
~*GOD*~ – Ulysses Butterfly by Kayle Matzerath.
+Half-Deer+ – Standing Deer by Halogen Magic.
+Half-Deer+ – Resting Deer by Halogen Magic.
+Half-Deer+ – Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Fox) RARE by Halogen Magic.
ISPACHI – The Arrival – Frolicking Foxes by Andred Qinan.

The Look – Image Two:

Skin: Glam Affair – Kallisto by Aida Ewing @ Collabor88. (Opens tonight at midnight the 8th!)
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Cheetah Hair by M4ri1yn Magic @ Collabor88. (Opens tonight at midnight the 8th!)
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Hands: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Ears: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel.
Dress: Fishy Strawberry – Carthage Dress by Fae Eriksen @ FaMESHed.
Necklace: Imeka – Vintage Flower Necklace by NatiWilliams Resident @ The Chapter Four.

Poses: Flowey – The LookBook by Flutter Memel.

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Back To Black.

He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet
With his same old safe bet
Me and my head high
And my tears dry
Get on without my guy
You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked
I’ll go back to black.

Ummyeah.Click here for larger image.

So this has been a long overdue post but I have been working on some things on the side and it is very exciting on what I am doing. I am pretty sure no one will like it but least I am having fun with it apart from the hair pulling apart moments!

Glam Affair released a gacha at Summerfest’14 called Oakley and she is gorgeous just like the name sake it was named after. One of my favourite Second Life bloggers Oakley Foxtrot! If you have not seen her stream, you really should she is one of my favourite faces in Second Life.

I tried to do a tribute to her but I know I didn’t pull it off like I wanted to, but this is just my little contribution. I admire her a lot! I had some fun learning some new things though and I went to The Chamber Society because it was the perfect spot for this picture.

In other news – Rhapsody opened up this weekend and Pixicat released this gorgeous dress which comes with a HUD controlled option to change the main part of the dress textures. There are four styles to choose from and I couldn’t resist getting all four of them!

N-core released the gorgeous shoes I am wearing at FaMESHed and it is available in noir, as always it comes with a click to match skin colour system which makes our lives so much easier! You should go demo these babies!

OaksTruthCollage2Click here for larger image.

Truth Hair released three gorgeous hairstyles called Blythe, Devinna and Dasha. They are super gorgeous to wear and I think Devinna (middle insert) is my favourite one out of the three!  The headband on Devinna is available on or off as well as texture options. Go check them out at the mainstore!

Elvi ♥

The Look – Image One:

Skin: Glam Affair – Oakley by Aida Ewing @ Summerfest’14.
Hair: Truth Hair – Devinna by Truth Hawks.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Hands: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Ears: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel.
Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos – Suicide Girl by Mae Jewell.
Dress: Pixicat – The Dark Dress by Areve Resident @ Rhapsody.
Armband: Pixicat – Metal Armband by Areve Resident @ Rhapsody.
Cig: The Sea Hole – Parisian Cigarette by Drinkinstein Sorbet (store closed).
Bracelet: erratic – Owl by Erratic Rain.
Ring: Zenith – Rattan Beach Bag by Miffyhoi Rosca.
Shoes: N-core – Embrace @ FaMESHed.

Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel.

The Look – Image Two:

Skin: Glam Affair – Oakley by Aida Ewing @ Summerfest’14.
Hair 1: Truth Hair – Blythe by Truth Hawks.
Hair 2: Truth Hair – Devinna by Truth Hawks.
Hair 3: Truth Hair – Dasha by Truth Hawks.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Ears: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel.
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer @ FaMESHed.
Top: Emery @ FaMESHed.

Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel.

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West Coat – Ria at Summerfest!

Down on the West Coast they got a sayin’
“If you’re not drinkin’ then you’re not playin’.”
But you’ve got the music, you’ve got the music in you, don’t you?

Down on the West Coast I get this feeling
like it all could happen that’s why I’m leaving
You for the moment, you for the moment, Boy Blue, yeah, you.

SummerfestB1-1Click here for larger image.

So this going to be a long post! I originally posted the top image on Saturday but then the weekend got crazy and now here I am!

So my barely one year old laptop decided to die on me due to the fans stopped working or wasn’t responding that my laptop overheated! I could of fried an egg on it! It still works but I have been advised not to use it. So now I am using my PC which needs some upgrading so I am able to actually use SL but I got some memory yesterday and seems to be resting but I miss my laptop already!

Summerfest’14 opened yesterday and I am telling you, if you haven’t been there already then you are severely missing out! There is a lot of amazing goodies out there and I went crazy on blogger preview day running and getting all the things! Even when I thought I had it all, I kept going back there to get more items! Elvi is officially poor now.

I did another wonderful collaboration with some of the girls and we had a lot of fun getting this all together, as well as trying to find our poses. I know this time last year I used to use some avatars in some of my scenes but I have actually missed doing it, I just do not miss waiting for things to stop refreshing all the time! Doesn’t the ladies look like hot mamas?!

 RiaSummerfestOfficial2Click here for larger image.

Belleza has an exclusive version of Ria at Summerfest in four gorgeous makeups which comes along with some lip gloss tattoo layers, freckles, moles and SUNBURN! I am wearing it in the above image and how precious is it? I just love it so much! I am also wearing the lip gloss and freckles! They are seriously darling. The skin comes in 5 skin tones of fair, pale, medium, sunkissed and tan as well as four eyebrow colour options! Go try the demo at Summerfest! Above and below you can see the four beautiful makeups up for grabs!

Exile has released two gorgeous sets of hairs at Summerfest and I am wearing one of them which is called West Coast… I guess we both had the same idea with the name title but I am Lana Del Rey obsessed. The above hair colour is my new favourite from Exile, it is gorgeous. You will seriously love both hairstyles. I am telling you ladies, we have been spoilt at Summerfest!

 RiaCollageOfficial1Click here for larger image.

Truth Hair came out with two new hairstyles not so long ago, and I know I am late on this but I am in love with honey which is in the above image. The two newly released hairs are called Hope and Honey and they are both gorgeous but Honey reminds me of my own hair when I tie it up!

Check Lauren’s post here at Flirting With Fashion!

Elvi ♥

Image One:

The Look – Elvi:

Skin: Belleza – Ria by Shyla Diggs @ Summerfest’14.
Hair: Exile – West Coast by Kavar Cleanslate @ Summerfest’14.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Hands & Feet: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Bracelet: Maxi Gossamer – Sparkly Pearl Cuff by Maxi Gossamer.
Swimsuit: Valentina E – Carmen Ruffled Onepiece Swimsuit by ValentinaEvangelista Resident @ Summerfest’14.
Shoes: Zaara – Janya Jeweled Sandals by Zaara Kohime @ Summerfest’14.
Sunglasses: Redgrave – Avaitors by TeamRedgrave Resident.

The Look – Primrose:

Bikini: Nylon Outfitters – Sports Bikini – Goldfish @ Summerfest’14.
Boobs: Lola’s – Tango Delicq.
Sunglasses: Amala – Celeste Sunglasses.
Hair: Exile – After the Rain – Natural Fusion by Kavar Cleanslate @ Summerfest’14.
Hands & Feet: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Shoes: Mango Cheeks – Sundae Wedges – Pastels by Kelly Bellman @ Summerfest’14.
Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia – America 01 by Aida Ewing @ Summerfest’14.

The Look – Clementine:

Skin: Glam Affair – Summer Skin by Aida Ewing @ Collabor88.
Hands & Feet: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Hair: Truth Hair – Thelma by Truth Hawks.
Sunglasses: Miel – Bella Peepers by
Necklace: Izzie’s – Letter Heart Necklace by Izzie Button.
Anklet: Maitreya – Strings & Beads Anklet by Onyx LeShelle.
Bikini: Baiastice – 3D Flowers Bikini by Sissy Pessoa.

The Look – Lauren:

Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia – America – 08 F @ Summerfest’14.
Eyes: Egozy – Eyes (Brown).Light.
Hair: [MAG] Hair – LONDON [essentials].
Swimsuit: R3VOLT – Brienne Swimsuit [V3].
Shoes: Blah – My Extreme Wooden Wedge – Black.
Garter: Muka – Garter Love.

The Look – Terr:

Skin:.Birdy. Blair Skin ~Peaches~ Rebel Rose.
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ – Lory Mesh Hair – Lemon tea.
Eye: .ID. – City Lights – Mesh Eyes – Hazel.
Necklace: [Haste] – Deity Necklace Black.
Bikini: GLO*MART – Bikini.

Poses: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel.

The Scene:

:FANATIK HOME: – Swimming Pool ROMAN by Funatik Resident.
8f8 – Driftwood CHAIR by 8f8 Resident @ Summerfest’14.
8f8 – Driftwood HAMMOCK by 8f8 Resident @ Summerfest’14.
+Half-Deer+ – Drift With Me – Driftwood Seat – Dark Painted by Halogen Magic @ Collabor88
Second Spaces – Poolside beverage cart by Elle Kirshner @ Summerfest’14.
MudHoney – Magazine Pile by Ravyn Hynes.
Plethora – Tablet – Elvira Harley (Custom Edition) by LiquidH3ll Carter.
Dutchie – Beach Bag by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
MudHoney – Zelia Bag by Ravyn Hynes.
[Gos] – Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY by Gospel Voom.
{what next} – Hampton Dock Pillow (beige stripe) by Winter Thorn/FrankLee Anatra.
MudHoney – Ophelia Bag by Ravyn Hynes.
Seven Emporium – Soda Machine @ Summerfest’14.
Skye Studios – Triple Palm Tall by Alex Bader.
:Fanatik Architecture: – Balack Canyon rocks by Funatik Resident.
8f8 – Driftwood LAMP by 8f8 Resident @ Summerfest’14.

Image Two:

The Look:

Skin: Belleza – Ria by Shyla Diggs @ Summerfest’14.
Hair: Exile – West Coast by @ Summerfest’14.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Necklace: Zaara – Karmuka Necklace by Zaara Kohime @ Summerfest’14.

Pose: Imeka – Juliette by NatiWilliams Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.

Image Three:

The Look:

Skin: Belleza – Ria by Shyla Diggs @ Summerfest’14.
Hair: Truth Hair – Honey by Truth Hawks.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Necklace: Cae – Karma by Caelan Hancroft.

Pose: Imeka – Juliette by NatiWilliams Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.

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Only Got One.

If this is a question
Is maybe a lie?
If yes doesn’t mean it
Does when lessen why
You are held in a queue.

OnlyGotOne-1Click here for larger image.

Hi everyone!

Second Life decided to be a brat today and it took forever just to get my inventory and what I was wearing to load! So I posted the picture on Flickr earlier without the blog link as I couldn’t do my blog post in time!

The Liaison Collaborative opened earlier this month, well earlier in April and I been wanting to do a post featuring some of the lovely items from there! I am wearing this top and skirt which is from Shai, there are several colour options or a fatpack to purchase! I couldn’t resist getting the skirt most of all as it is so boho and I just love this style of clothing. The tank top has become one of my favourite tank tops in Second Life to wear, it almost seems so real and it fits so perfectly.

Lark released these gorgeous tuscan crowns at The Liaison Collaborative as well, and there are several colour options. The earthy tones are so pretty to place on your head and it suits most hairstyles, comes with a resizer so you can adjust to each head size!

Imeka has some soft feminine poses for you there, I am using one of the poses from Imeka which is featured at The Liaison Collaborative. These collection of poses is a must have!

The Neighborhood is back this weekend and resumes on Saturday like normal! Sari-Sari will be part of this round, and has some adorable items for Saturday called Herb Garden, I have one of the items featured in this image! I just love items like this. So save your Lindens for Saturday!

Elvi <3

The Look:

Skin: Glam Affair – Mokatana by Aida Ewing.
Hair: Lamb – Baby by Lamb Bellic.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Ears: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel..
Hands & Feet: Slink by Siddean Munro.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Headpiece: Lark – Olive Crown by Sienia Trevellion @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Top: *Shai* – Carla Cropped Tank Top by Shai Delacroix @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Skirt: *Shai* – Sofia Pleated Maxi Skirt  by Shai Delacroix @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Necklace: Earthstones – Isabella Necklace by Abraxxa Anatine @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Bracelet 1: Maxi Gossamer – La Cerlique by Maxi Gossamer.
Bracelet 2: Maxi Gossamer – Sparkly Pearl Cuff by Maxi Gossamer.
Bracelet 3: BOOM – Friendship Bracelets by Aranel Ah.
Arm Accessory: Birdy/Alchemy -Forest Babies  – Fox – Brown by Tyr Rozenblum.

Pose: Imeka – Miwa by NatiWilliams Resident @ The Liaison Collaborative.

The Scene:

Sari-Sari – Vertical Herb Garden by StupidMonkey Resident. AVAILABLE ON THE 3RD OF MAY!
Lark – Chalkboard (part of March gacha) by Sienia Trevellion.
Lark – Potatoes
Lark – Asiago Cheese
Botanical – Posed Wooden Cart by Kriss Lehmann.
+Half-Deer+ – Wooden Crate by Halogen Magic.

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How Far We’ve Come.

Waking up at the start of the end of the world,
But it’s feeling just like every other morning before,
Now I wonder what my life is going to mean if it’s gone,
The cars are moving like a half a mile an hour
And I started staring at the passengers who’re waving goodbye
Can you tell me what was ever really special about me all this time?

SkippingClick here for larger image.

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope you are having an amazing Easter and eating lots of candy!

Sari-Sari is at Pose Fair this year, and I couldn’t resist doing a picture with these skipping ropes. They are just adorable! It comes with 6 poses and 6 rope props, as well as one for just decor or laying around! You can tint the rope to suit your taste.

Kustom9 opened for another beautiful round and I couldn’t resist wearing this outfit from MotiAme, it comes in 3 jacket options, 3 bustier options and 3 skirt options to choose from.

The scene behind me, is one of the new features on my redesigned sims. I have been having a lot of fun putting little things together and make it pretty! I have been wanting to use this bookstore for a long time. The bookstore was a gacha at The Arcade from Vespertine!

Elvi <3

The Look:

Skin: Glam Affair – Mokatana.
Hair: Truth Hair – Lyma.
Eyes: IKON.
Head Accessory 1: +Half-Deer+ – Spring Blossom Antlers & Ears.
Mouth Accessory: Pink Fuel – Bubblegum.
Jacket: MotiAme – Denim Jacket @ Kustom9.
Top: MotiAme – Bustier @ Kustom9.
Skirt: MotiAme – Lace Skirt @ Kustom9.
Socks: Maitreya – Dahlia Socks.
Boots: +Half-Deer+ – Red’s Wolf Hunting Boots.
Bracelet 1: [Atooly] – Bead Bracelet.
Bracelet 2: [Atooly] -Iggy Spiked Bracelet.
Bracelet 3: Trinket – Hand Stamped Bracelet.
Bracelet 4: Maxi Gossamer – Daisy Chain Bracelet.
Necklace: Mandala – Kotowari @ The Mens Dept.
Pose & Prop: Sari-Sari – Skipping @ The Pose Fair.

The Scene:

Vespertine – Bookstore Gacha.
Lark – Bike from previous Arcade Gacha.
The Loft – Logie.

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Beyond the Sea.

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing. here for larger image.

Hello loves!

We all went for early afternoon outing on the boardwalk, watching the sun go down! Hoping to get some last minute colour on our skins!

What Next is at The Home Show with these gorgeous items, the Waterfront Cottages and Docks! There is three different cottages you can get, and they are texture change for the outside walls and roof! The docks/pier comes with animations or without so you can have some cute animations or nothing at all!

Elvi <3

The Scene:

{what next} – Waterfront Cottage (Brighton) @ The Home Show 2014.
11th Hour: – Repurposed Boat Bench – Plain
{what next} – Waterfront Dock @ The Home Show 2014.
[we're CLOSED] – Patio Fire.
:Cheeky Pea: – Cassie Cooler.
{what next} – Waterfront Chair @ The Home Show 2014.
Skye Studios – Boulder.
Skye Studios – Alligator Apple Bush.
Skye Studios – Bamboo Palm.
Skye Studios – Zingiberaceae.
Skye Studios – Tropical Beach.
:Fanatik Architecture: – Rocky Mountain.

The Look – Elvi:

Skin: Glam Affair – Brandi @ The Cutie Moon Fair.
Hair: Truth Hair – Lagertha.
Eyes: Ikon.
Ears: Mandala.
Hands & Feet: Slink.
Top: {mon tissu} – Coquette Blouse.
Jeans: {mon tissu} – Best Friend Jeans.
Shoes: CandyDoll – Sweet Flats.
Necklace: Izzie’s – Butterfly Necklace.
Bracelet: Izzie’s – Butterfly Bracelet.
Ring: Izzie’s – Butterfly Ring.
Watch: Mandala – Sitennoah.
Earrings: Atooly – Haley Star Hoops.

The Look – Callum:

Skin: Tabeleau Vivant – Sean Skin.
Hair: INK Hair – Jiji.
Eyes: Ikon.
Ears: Mandala.
Hands: Slink.
Top: *Shai* – Swallow Logo Tee @ The Mens Dept.
Jeans: *Shai* – Mens Relaxed Jeans @ The Mens Dept.
Shoes: 2 Real Shoes – 2R1 Shoes.

The Look – Gaide:

Hair: *Dura – Boy* – 41.
Top: [Pumpkin] – Blazer- Sharks.
Pants: bleak . – Mesh Summer Shorts – Speedy.
Shoes: 2 Real Shoes – E-WINGS.
Glasses: [Steinwerk] – Alphabeat glasses.
Hat: [NC] – Visor No.02 -Beige.
Knee Pads: Cargo – Knee Pads.

The Look – Teen Elvi:

Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley.
Hair: Truth Hair – Lottie.
Eyes: Ikon.
Hands: Slink.
Top: !gO! – Cocoon Shirt.
Jeans: {mon tissu} – Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans.
Shoes: The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates.
Necklace: *katat0nik* – (nurse kitty) Radio Necklace.
Bag: *MishMish* – The Polar Sleepbag.
Bracelets: *BOOM* – Friendship Bracelets.
Phone: VCO – bunny phone.
Bracelet 2: Maxi Gossamer – Bangles – Sparkly Pearl Cuff.
Head Accessory: *MishMish* – Chipmunk.
Arm Accessory: .Birdy. – Puggly Bunny.


Prop For Elvi & Callum: / XIAJ x ZZANG / – Delivery Bike + navy + RARE.
Prop for Gaide: [Pu!se] – Skateboard.
Pose: Custom made.

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Let Go.

Are you in or are you out?
Leave your things behind
‘Cause it’s all going off without you
Excuse me too busy you’re writing your tragedy

LetGoClick here for larger image.

Happy Saturday loves!

I am currently re-designing my residential sims and I wanted to take a small break and do a picture! SL has been weird for me lately, pictures looking pixelated when zoomed in and blah. It’s putting me off taking pictures in general. I really do need to try other viewers and see if its just Firestorm in general being a pain in ze butt for me. You can see some of my sim re-design in the background.

I love Firestorm because it has all the features I need, but its no bueno sometimes when trying to take pictures. My laptop is only a few months old and shouldn’t be having so much issues!

The Seasons Story opened recently and boy did a lot of goodies come with it! Let’s talk about Just Design and these adorable heels called Lucy, now if you know me… You would know one thing, and that is I LOVE BOWS. The Lucy shoes have a little bow and I am in love, I also love the over the knee socks that come along with it. It is super cute! It comes in many sizes and sizes for’s Azz!

Junbug with her adorable dress is at The Seasons Story as well which I am wearing one of her items called Miss Betty which comes in several colour options.

Truth Hair is at Collabor88 with this adorable hairstyle called April which comes with an optional hair clip on the right side which has several colour options. It completed my look for the day!

Remember when Belleza released a small line of a beautiful skin called Ria at Collabor88? Well guess what they have released a full line a week ago, which is in the store now. I’ve been wanting to blog her for a while now but here she is, and she is gorgeous.

Elvi <3

The Look – Elvi:

Skin: Belleza – Ria.
Hair: Truth Hair – April @ Collabor88.
Eyes: IKON.
Dress: Junbug – Miss Betty @ The Seasons Story.
Shoes and Socks: Just Design – Lucy @ The Seasons Story.
Bag: Gizza – Summer Bag.
Necklace: Cae – Karma.
Scarf: Decoy – Izel Scarf.
Accessory: *MishMish* – A Bumblebee Friend.
Hands: Slink.
Ears: Mandala.
Lashes: Mon Cheri.

The Look – Riyah:

Shirt: (Milk Motion) – lace sweater.
Skirt: (Milk Motion) – lace and quilted skirt.
Tights: Tee*fy – Pastel Lacey Leggings.
Boots: (fd) – Bossy Boots – Floral Cream + Pink.
Socks: (fd) – Bossy Boots Sock Add-ons.
Earrings: Pr!cK – CuteArinG { RAbbiT } (gatcha).
Pocket pet: .Birdy. – Pocket pet {Bunny}.
Necklace: [ glow ] studio – Arcadashion Necklace.
Pearls: Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Pearls.
Ring: Apple May Designs – Prince-Sass Ring – Silver N’ Black.
Phone: VCO – bunny phone (RARE3) (gatcha).
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ – Ophelia Hair – Summer.
Eyes: IKON – Vanity Eyes.
Lashes: ::BB:: – Mesh Lashes V.01.
Skin: Glam Affair – Elvi – America.
Hands: Slink.

The Look – Callum:

Shirt: Hoorenbeek – Mesh Basic Shirt
Pants: Hoorenbeek – Mesh pants
Shoes: 2 Real Shoes – 2R1
Watch: :::LP::: – Note Gear Watch.
Hair: INK Hair – Jiji.
Ears: Mandala – Simple Ears.
Eyes: Ikon – Promise Eyes.
Hands: Slink.
Skin: Tabeleau Vivant – Sean Skin.


Elvi: KIRIN – Sakura @ The Seasons Story.
Riyah: KIRIN – My Cute PinWheel @ The Seasons Story.

The Scene:

BCC – macaron Paper bag Vegetables Rare.
+Half-Deer+ – Standing Deer – Natural (Animated) @ The Home Show.
+Half-Deer+ – Resting Deer – Natural (Animated) @ The Home Show.
*MishMish* – Chipmunk – Holding Lantern.

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