Love me like you do.

You’re the light, you’re the night
You’re the color of my blood
You’re the cure, you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much, so much

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Beauty is how you feel inside, 
and it reflects in your eyes…
It is not something physical. 
-Sophia Loren

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Emily for The Arcade.

-It is your imperfections that make you beautiful.-

Imperfection is beauty,
madness is Genius,
and it’s better to be absoloutely ridiculous
than absoloutely boring.

- Marilyn Monroe.
(one of my favourite quotes ever)

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Never Let Me Down Again.

I’m taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
He knows where he’s taking me
Taking me where I want to be
I’m taking a ride
With my best friend.

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Searching For You.

You took a piece of me a long time ago,
and ever since then I have been searching
in all the wrong places to get that piece back.


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Back To Black.

He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet
With his same old safe bet
Me and my head high
And my tears dry
Get on without my guy
You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked
I’ll go back to black.

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Nina for The Liaison Collaborative.

Imperfection is beauty.

NinaTLCClick here for larger image.

Hi loves!

The Liaison Collaborative opened at the weekend with a new round with the theme being Bali!

Belleza is at TLC with Nina with four beautiful make ups which are exclusive!  There are four skin tones available for you to choose from of Pale, Medium, Sunkissed and Tan! The complimentary four brow options to suit your hair colour and of course cleavage layers! There is four luscious lip gloss colours and an adorable summery sunburn layer which you have to have!

NinaTLCCollageClick here for larger image.

The makeups are beautiful and so perfect for the summer! Go to TLC today and try out the demo’s, I bet you will be taking Nina home with you!

Elvi ♥

The Look:

Skin: Belleza – Nina by Shyla Diggs @ The Liaison Collaborative.
Hair 1: ARGRACE – Hakura.
Hair 2: Lamb – Siren @ Collabor88.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Necklace: Cae – Melly by Caelan Hancroft @ The Seraphim Social.
Top: Emery – Imogen @ Collabor88.

Pose: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel.

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Truth Hair’s Sakura.

SakuraCollageClick here for larger image.

Truth Hair is going to be at The Arcade and has gorgeous hair out for this round called Sakura.

The hair comes in two styles in the machine of side bun or two buns! There are 2 rares each, and 6 commons, all of the hairs come with adorable hair accessories which is a must have!

Click here to see the gacha key!

The Look:

Skin: Belleza – Suki by Tricky Boucher and Shyla Diggs @ The Arcade (Opens June 1st).
Hair: Truth Hair – Sakura @ The Arcade (Opens June 1st).
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Ears: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel.
Top: Tee*fy – Marlene Blouse by Azure Electricteeth.

Pose: {Imeka} – @ Kustom9.

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Coral & Thelma. My 200th Blog Post!

All these accidents that happen
Follow the dot
Coincidence makes sense
Only with you
You don’t have to speak
I feel
Emotional landscapes
They puzzle me.

CoralMainClick here for larger image.

Happy Monday everyone!

So today is a special day, well there is two special days this week but today marks my 200th post for blogging! It has made me ponder over my last 199 posts. I still look back to this day at my first post and it does make me smile on how far I have come.

When I originally started the blog it was for my friends and I, my besties which is Eli and Effi and even though they do not blog as much, they are still very  much part of The Imperfect Avatar. We voted on the names together, and discussed what we could and cannot do. Most of all, they encouraged me to do better and keep posting. I have been very blessed in Second Life by meeting some amazing people that have become my friends, and people that I get to talk to often.

I really do not think I am a great blogger because I never know what to say in posts but blogging has been a hobby for me and still is, I love to ramble aimlessly about non important things or talking about things I just love. I know I do love a lot of things in life but who doesn’t?! I do believe that I have improved in my blogging style and have learned new things which I have been applying to my posts and images. Blogging is meant to be about fun, adventure and making pretties, well to me that is what it is meant to be about anyway.

There are a lot of amazing bloggers out there in Second Life and as days/weeks/months go by, there are new bloggers and new bloggers to inspire us all. My Flickr inspires me a lot, to do better, to do a decor post or just pure inspiration. My mind gets blown away a lot by everyone’s unique styles and in Second Life being a virtual world it is a great platform for all of us to better ourselves and try things that we would never really try in real life.

My favourite bloggers and Flickr people were part of the reason on why I started the blog, when the blog was created we were just teenagers and there was no high school to go to and we we had too much time on our hands, so it just helped us provide to this idea. I remember when I had purchased the domain of the… I had squealed and had to run and FB message the girls and let them know. We were all so excited. When we reached 5,000 views, we had decided on to do a new theme for our blog and that was when the weekend of problems had started! We realised that we would need to get our own hosting company because did not allow themes from out of their collections. So then we had to find a hosting company, and then move our domain and really it was the most costly weekend I have ever had. It just felt like one problem after the next. Then we spent all week trying to fix the blog and play around with the new theme. I have to say, I was proud of our blog. So today’s post even though it does not have a song title, I am using the song that we had dedicated to our blog (this was before we realised that people really do like music on blogs!) to be today’s song which is Bjork – Joga. We found this song to be pretty fitting.

I am extremely thankful to all my friends and family for always encouraging me to do better and having my back, even when I do not think I like something and you all show me that it is actually okay and not horrible. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to delete an image but stop me in time. Then to the creators, designers and event organisers thank you for deeming me good enough to be part of your blogging team for either accepting or inviting me, you have no idea how much it means to me. I am thankful to all of you including the people that follow me via the blog or Flickr, all of you are amazing! My Plurk friends thanks putting up with my yay’s or nay’s on my posts because I sometimes need to know if the image is actually okay to begin with in my moments of doubt. My moments of doubt happen a lot! Each one of you have made my blogging journey amazing.

I  have a personal real life blog that I now and again have used, but it was mostly to rant about stupid things and I ended up making it a private blog because I actually made it my diary. It felt great to write down all the feelings I was having, all the problems and really, it just felt good to write down things that have been troubling me. I did not want the whole world to read about it so hence why I ended up making it private. I now and again still to this day write in it and post it but knowing that no one can ever read it, makes me feel good. Anyhoo!

Coral-Collage1Click here for larger image.

So getting to the real point of this post instead of me rambling! Glam Affair and Truth Hair released some beauties at Collabor88 last week, meet Coral and she is just gorgeous, I did a main picture which is at the beginning of this post, I took my time editing the picture because I wanted to try and do better at portrait pictures! Well at least make it special for this post!

Coral comes in three skin tones of America, Artic and Asia, she also comes in 8 different make ups which has 8 eyebrow colour options and a no brow option! The image above and below shows you all the makeup options. I am just in love with the eyebrows on this skin. It’s my favourite! Even though I tend to wear nude lipstick the most, I just love the red lipstick option… I have been wearing it for days now!

Coral-Collage2Click here for larger image.

Truth Hair released this gorgeous hair called Thelma which comes with a 12 option colour choice for the headband, it also has one standard version, 2 boob options, and a unrigged version. You also have the choice to wear it without the headband! This is something else that has literally not left my head since I first put it on!

So I never thought I would reach my 200th post, like I didn’t think I would reach my 100th post but I have and I am proud of myself for still keeping up with it! Even though my real life has been super crazy in the last few months, I would of done my 200th post probably sooner! So here is to the next 100, we will see if I actually make it to my 300th post!

Elvi <3

The Look:

Skin: Glam Affair – Coral by Aida Ewing @ Collabor88.
Hair: Truth Hair – Thelma by Truth Hawks @ Collabor88.
Eyes: IKON by Ikon Innovia.
Ears: Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel.
Lashes: Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri.
Top: Tee*fy – Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt by Azure Electricteeth @ Collabor88.

Pose: Imeka – Charmy by NatiWilliams Resident @ The Pose Fair.

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