Sigh No More.

Sigh no more, no more
One foot in sea, one on shore
My hear was never pure
You know me
You know me

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The Village Cafe.

And the idea of just wandering
off to a cafe with a notebook and
writing and seeing where that takes 
me for a while, is just bliss.

- J. K. Rowling.

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Love Is Noise.

Are we blind – can we see? 
We are one, incomplete 
Are we blind – in the city? 
Waiting for lightning to be saved, yeah 
Cause love is noise, love is pain 
Love is these blues that I’m singing again.

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Belleza’s Beth.

A stranger’s light comes on slowly
A stranger’s heart without a home
You put your hands into your head
And then smiles cover your heart.

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Lover to Lover.

I’ve been losing sleep,
I’ve been keeping myself awake,
I’ve been wandering the streets,
For days and days and days,
Going from road to road
Bed to bed
Lover to lover,
And black to red,
But I believe,
I believe…

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Searching For You.

You took a piece of me a long time ago,
and ever since then I have been searching
in all the wrong places to get that piece back.


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