Back To Black.

He left no time to regret
Kept his dick wet
With his same old safe bet
Me and my head high
And my tears dry
Get on without my guy
You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked
I’ll go back to black.

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Sail Away.

Let me sail, let me sail,
let the orinoco flow,
Let me reach, let me beach
On the shores of Tripoli.
Let me sail, let me sail,
Let me crash upon your shore,
Let me reach, let me beach
Far beyond the Yellow Sea.

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Better TogetherClose

Better Together.

There is no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard
No song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart
Our dreams, and they are made out of real things
Like a, shoebox of photographs
With sepia-toned loving.

Better Together1Click here for larger image.

Hi everyone!

Trompe Loeil recently released a dining set at FaMESHed this month, it comes with several colour options, and different texture changers for the chair and even three chair options which have two featured in this image. I just love how classic it makes a room look! It is certainly fun to play around with to get ready for a dinner party! It comes with several options of plates, cutlery with napkins, flatwear by itself, salt and pepper shaker and wine glasses!

Theosophy recently released a gorgeous skybox for us, it is 36Li and it comes with radiators inside which is 1Li each! There are three rooms to play with, and you can texture change some parts via a HUD! I have been playing around with the HUD and I just love the gorgeous textures it comes with.

Alouette was out for The Neighborhood called Hanging Pansies which comes with 5 wood options!

Happy weekend to all of you!

Elvi <3

The Scene:

{theosophy} – Nicholaston Skybox by Trace Osterham.
MudHoney – Leslie Rug – wavy by Ravyn Hynes.
Trompe Loeil – Darya Dining Chair w/Arms Neutral by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
Trompe Loeil – Darya Dining Chair Neutral F1 by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
Trompe Loeil – Darya Dining Table by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
Dutchie – 8 mesh bowls in 2 stacks and 1 single bowl (edited to only use one bowl) by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Trompe Loeil – Darya DIning Plate Neutral by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
Trompe Loeil – Darya Napkin and Flatwear Neutral by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
Plethora – Wine Bottle – Lushmistress by LiquidH3ll Carter/PlethoraSL Resident.
Trompe Loeil – Tall Wine Glass by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
Trompe Loeil – Darya Salt/Pepper Shakers by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
The Loft – Bacall Bowl of Roses Coral by Nardya Rousselot.
Plethora – Wine Bottle – de Nialle by LiquidH3ll Carter/PlethoraSL Resident.
Apple Fall – Calla Lilies by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Alouette – Bailey Fireplace Tools by Scarlet Chandrayaan.
Turnip’s Homes – The Bogart Collection – Record Cabinet by Turnip Sorbet.
Love To Decorate – Digital Gramophone (Chrome) by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Seven Emporium – Home Is My Happy Place by AgustKov Resident.
Apple Fall – Stature Fireplace RARE by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
MudHoney – Textured Vase – sand by Ravyn Hynes.
:Cheeky Pea: – Rainey Bistro Vase by Isla Gealach.
MudHoney – Skinny Vase – metal by Ravyn Hynes.
The Loft – Deco Cluster White by Colleen Desmoulins.
Trompe Loeil – Branch Wreath by Cory Edo.
The Loft – Wareham Sconce by Colleen Desmoulins.
The Loft – Matte Bowl by Colleen Desmoulins.
The Loft – Taylor Bleached Shelf by Colleen Desmoulins.
The Loft – Matte Jug 2 by Colleen Desmoulins.
The Loft – Oslo Decor by Colleen Desmoulins.
The Loft – Matte Sugar Bowl by Colleen Desmoulins.
The Loft – Glass Bottles by Colleen Desmoulins.
The Loft – Matte Plates by Colleen Desmoulins.
Alouette – Hanging Pansies – Dark Wood by Scarlet Chandrayaan.
The Loft – Bennet Drapes White by Nardya Rousselot.
LISP – Mesh Blinds Wide Long – White by Pandora Popstar.
Apple Fall – Books by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Trompe Loeil – Dayna Dining Room Shelf Neutral Towel by Cory Edo @ FaMESHed.
Plethora – Wine Rack – Wall Hooks Darkwood by LiquidH3ll Carter/PlethoraSL Resident.
The Loft – Drink Cart Silver by Colleen Desmoulins.
Apple Fall – Treats Platter RARE by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
-tres blah- – Tea Time – Savory Tier RARE by Julliette Westerburg.
erratic / home – champagne bucket RARE by Erratic Rain.
erratic / home – cocktail mixer set RARE by Erratic Rain.
Second Spaces – Ezra ashtray by Elle Kirshner.
erratic / home – vodka by Erratic Rain.
erratic / home – rum by Erratic Rain.
erratic / home – gin by Erratic Rain.
*Second Spaces* – Ezra Rotary by Elle Kirshner.
Tartessos Arts – Whisky Glasses by Nico Griffith.
{vespertine – antique chandelier/brass} by Amelie Knelstrom.
Hayabusa Design Tree by Mitsuko Kytori and Motoko Oanomochi.
Hayabusa Design Tree by Mitsuko Kytori and Motoko Oanomochi.

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And You Can Do No Wrong.

And you can do no wrong
In my eyes
In my eyes
You can do no wrong
In my eyes
In my eyes.

LivingRoom1Click here for larger image.


It has been a busy weekend for me and I am back with another scene! This is actually from my own home, I decided to do some blog pictures from my house as I am putting it together. I finally got to live in the Scarlet Creative For Gorgeous build, slightly modded to suit my needs but I have always loved this building and now I live in it! Squeeeeee!

I decided to go with lighter colours as it is spring and tried to stay away from browns, even though I love brown pieces so much! I wanted to do an early evening feel and I hope you like this picture! I had a lot of fun putting my living room together.

In other exciting news, my store is almost ready for opening and I am excited to share it with you all. I was working all weekend on it! I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Elvi <3

The Scene:

Build: Scarlet Creative – For Gorgeous by Charlotte Bartlett.
The Loft – Bennet Chaise by Colleen Desmoulins @ Collabor88.
Apple Fall – Reading Pile by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Zigana . vases by Nalena Fairey.
junk. – cuppa for one. berry. by Tab Tatham.
Atelier Visconti – Etienne Lantern by StephanVisconti Resident.
+Half-Deer+ – Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Grey by Halogen Magic.
+Half-Deer+ – Sleepy Italian Greyhound / Pillow – Fawn by Halogen Magic.
Apple Fall – Stature Fireplace RARE (modded) by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Trompe Loeil – Spotlight Lamp by Cory Edo.
Seven Emporium – Map Screen by Agustkov Resident.
:Cheeky Pea: – Ansel Bird Cage Candles by Isla Gealach.
Zigana . plant . one by Nalena Fairey.
KOSH- LUCRETIA RUG by Lynaja Bade.
[Tia] – The White Rug by Tia Biscuit.
The Loft - Bennet Drapes White by Nardya Rousselot.
Bazar – Toronto – Coffee table by Ria Bazar @ The Home Show.
floorplan. - sketchbook by Tegan Serin.
floorplan. - bowl of apples by Tegan Serin.
The Loft - Lola Bowl Stone by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
floorplan. bowl of petunias / resting by Tegan Serin @ The Seraphim Social.
Dutchie – Tray with black coffee by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
Alouette – Bailey Fireplace Tools by Scarlet Chandrayaan.
Atelier Visconti – Mont Blanc Step Stool by StephanVisconti Resident.
Dutchie – Book with Glasses by Froukje Hoorenbeek.
-tres blah- – Pastry Mania – Cuppie Teacup RARE
Apple Fall – Interior Plant by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
{vespertine  – antique chandelier/brass} by Amelie Knelstrom.
Lark – Let your heart soar by Sienia Trevellion.
Lark – To the Moon by Sienia Trevellion.
{vespertine - donovan table/dark} by Amelie Knelstrom
erratic / home – waffle rolls by Erratic Rain.
erratic / home – hot chocolate marshmallows by Erratic Rain.
The Loft - Bennet Lamp Cream by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
The Loft - Taylor Tray Stripped Plain by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
[Con.] & :Cheeky Pea: – Dragonfly Garden Chocolates by Wavie Haller/Isla Gealach.
Apple Fall – Backgammon Table by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
:Cheeky Pea: – Bailey Chair Leaf by Isla Gealach.
A.D.D.Andel! – Potted Bush-Green by Andel Rhiadra.
The Loft - Taylor Mirror by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
Soy. – Vintage lace curtain by Soyoy Resident @ Forest Spring Mini-Concert.
The Loft - Frezza Sofa Casual by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot @ FaMESHed.
Apple Fall – Pillow (Horse Riding) by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Apple Fall – Pillow (Tree) by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
Second Spaces – Gettin’ Jiggy – puzzle (out of the box) by Elle Kirshner.
Second Spaces – Gettin’ Jiggy – puzzle (in the box) by Elle Kirshner.
Apple Fall – Let’s Play Scrabble by WarehouseFifteenDesigns Resident.
The Loft - Bennet End Table Cream by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
The Loft - Bacall Accesory Tray by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
Second Spaces – You Light Up My Ladder by Elle Kirshner.
[Con.] & :Cheeky Pea: – Quiet Night TV Unit by Wavie Haller/Isla Gealach.
{vespertine - vase full of branches/autumn} by Amelie Knelstrom.
ISPACHI – The Arrival – Frolicking Foxes by Andred Qinan.
The Loft - Painted Tail Birds by Colleen Desmoulins/Nardya Rousselot.
[*Art Dummy!] – blioom. by Gala Charron.

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Somewhere Only We Know.

Oh simple thing where have you gone?
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?

BlogFebDecor1WClick here for larger image. 

I am back with a scene!

The Mens Dept, Collabor88 and Collabor88 bought out so many cute decor items that I had to put this scene together and show you all!

I wanted to do a night time scene, early evening as normally I do daytime shots and I wanted to try something different. After fighting with Photoshop for it being a derp, I conquered PS for not working and it is now working so I can get back to doing photos again! YAY! It was odd it was being weird, but I am just glad that it is working again, and I don’t have to throw a tantrum!

Have a great night!


The Scene:

Sorry! WordPress for some reason didn’t save the SLurls and I am trying to find out why it will not save them! <3

llorisen // – ciaran skybox
MudHoney – Sydney Sofa.
Apple Fall – Leather Beanbag @ Collabor88.
{theosophy} – Chess Set @ The Mens Dept.
[ a i s l i n g ] – Fur Med/Stripe.
[Tia] – The White Rug.
tarte. – starry mirror (metals).
11th Hour – Ashford Art Desk @ The Mens Dept.
Apple Fall – Lilies.
[Con.] & :CP: – Dragonfly Garden Chocolates @ FaMESHed.
{vespertine – donovan table/dark} @ The Mens Dept.
[Con.] & :CP: Dragonfly Garden Bric-a-Brac @ FaMESHed.
7 – Seven Scientific Telescope @ Collabor88.
LISP – Mesh Blinds.
Trompe Loeil – Ladder Shelf Natural + Books @ FaMESHed.
Apple Fall – Ralph’s Boat.
Apple Fall – Books.
*ionic* – vintage love sign. 4 @ The Chapter Four.
Bazaar – Floria flower vase.
7 – Philby Record Player.
The Loft – Aaron Ottoman Paisley.
Dutchie – Tray with black coffee.
Trompe Loeil – Ines Floor Lamp Tan Tiles @ FaMESHed.
Trompe Loeil – Ines Chair Branch @ FaMESHed.
Apple Fall – Ikat Throw Cushion.
Trompe Loeil – Ines Weave Screen Natural Plain @ FaMESHed.
Dutchie – Schefflera tall.
floorplan. –  industrial lighting.
MudHoney – Ophelia Candlesticks @ FaMESHed.
The Loft – Oslo Decor.
Alouette – Bailey FIreplace Tools.
11th Hour: – Manifested Sheet Music.
Apple Fall – Storm Lamp @ Collabor88.
Apple Fall – Books w/ Deer Head Bookends.
MudHoney – Orbit Decor @ Collabor88.
A.V. – Rose Vase O @ L’accessoires.
junk. – Repurposed Wheel Light @ The Mens Dept.
Alouette – Bailey Fireplace.
{vespertine- house terrarium/spring-linked}
PILOT – Rolled Paper Rack.
Apple Fall – Rope Suspended Gallery.
LISP – Mesh – Jacob Bookcase with books @ Collabor88.
MudHoney – Ophelia Basket @ FaMESHed.
Dutchie – Book with glasses.
A.V. – Mont Blanc Step Stool.
MudHoney – Ophelia Bag @ FaMESHed.
erratic / home – hot chocolate marshmallows.
erratic / home – waffle rolls.
Trompe Loeil – Baybrooke Bird Lamp Rusty.
Alouette – Bailey Fireplace Stool.
Trompe Loeil – Bistro Fan Gray Wood.
floorplan. – Candle vase.
Apple Fall – Bonsai Tree.
The Loft – Taylor Tray Stripped Plain.
MudHoney – Covered Books @ Collabor88.
The Loft – Tile Top Box.
-tres blah- – Bon Voyage – Vintage Camera.
The Loft – Checkers.

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What The Water Gave Me.

Time it took us
To where the water was
That’s what the water gave me
And time goes quicker
Between the two of us
Oh, my love, don’t forsake me
Take what the water gave me

Lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the overflow
Pockets full of stones

Lay me down
Let the only sound
Be the overflow.

BlogFinalWinterSceneWClick here for larger image.

It has been a while since I have done a landscape/decor scene and even though I have been busy, I wanted to do this scene and get caught up with some ideas I have been having.

Trompe Loeil recently came out with a new home for us lovelies at Collabor88, and I couldn’t resist using it for this scene. I wanted to capture a lazy weekend scene, where you drink hot chocolate with your friends by the fire and give  a normal day to day scene. A more lived in look. Whether I accomplished this or not, who knows!

Short and sweet but I will let the image do the talking!

Elvi <3

The Scene:

Trompe Loeil – Sparrow Hill Lodge @ Collabor88.
{vespertine – wooden stump seat/ granny -cosy blankets}
{vespertine – wooden stump seat/ storyteller}
Trompe Loeil – Let It Snow Decorative Sled.
{what next} – Leaning Sled Decor.
+Half-Deer+ – Carved Woodland Animals (White-Tail Deer).
+Half-Deer+ – Carved Woodland Animals (White Fox).
{what next} – Bramley Rocking Chair (rustic) – Autumn.
Zigana – table south.
{vespertine – apple juice basket}.
The Loft – Decor Books and Coffee.
{What Next} – Serendipity Garden Guitar.
Trompe Loeil – Dardon Stone Fireplace.
{what next} – Pine Ridge Chair.
[ a i s l i n g ] – Fur Med/Stripe.
ISPACHI – Nollaig : Lantern Cluster.
Apple Fall – Woodstock.
MudHoney – Eva Coffee Table.
erratic / home – milk jug.
erratic / home – hot chocolate heart.
erratic / home – candy canes.
erratic / home – hot chocolate sticks RARE.
erratic / home – waffle rolls.
erratic / home – assorted toppings.
-tres blah- – Kitchen Basics – Coffee Pot.
LAQ – Decor ~ Stone Plates.
Alouette – The Doggy Den – Light
+Half-Deer+ – Sleepy Italian Greyhound.
{vespertine – old wooden fence/plain wood}
~*Forest Floor*~ Potted Scrub Maple.
{vespertine – spring bench swing/dawn}
The Loft – Color Block Mat.
Trompe Loeil – Countryside Outdoor Wall Lamp.
Trompe Loeil – Hanging Tri-Planter.
Dutchie – Baldursbra.
Dutchie – Red Agave.
Dutchie – Petunia.
Dutchie – Philodendron.
Dutchie – Lavender.
Dutchie – Blue fern.
{Scarlet Apple} – Prairie Lamp.
[we’re CLOSED] – Clothes Line Autumn.
Scarlet Creative – For Eku – The Retreat Blinds (taken out of building).
[we’re CLOSED] – power poles V1
Skye – Log Bridge (mossy).
+CONVAIR+ – Garden Shed @ The Garden.
Pixel Mode – Natural Hot Tub @ The Garden.

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Come on in, come on in, where it all begins.

Oh, I miss the comfort of this house.
Where we are, where we are.
Where we are, where we are.
The floor under our feet whispers out,
“Come on in, come on in, where it all begins.”

Blog12-2Click here for larger image.

It’s a decor post from me today! I have been working on this on and off for the last week, The Liaison Collaborative Garden that opened this weekend has certainly helped finish this! There are a lot of adorable things for your home at The Garden as well as gacha’s to go broke on!

Scarlet Creative released this gorgeous building for this month’s Collabor88, and I am just in love with it. I really wanted to make a lived in scene but of course with the winter theme! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I have probably changed the look about 100 times now. I wish I was joking. I just could not decide on the way I wanted to do it or the angle but I got there in the end.
Tarte. came out with a holiday dining set which comes linked or in pieces, it’s gorgeous! +Half-Deer+ has released some holiday goodies at The Garden and The Chapter Four, I couldn’t resist using it in the scene! I am just in love with the greyhound dog in its bed!

I have to talk about Lark’s latest creation which has debuted at The Garden, Cocoa Express! There are two sizes of small and large, an option to put it under the tree or to use the display case that it comes with. It moves, makes sounds, can choose the speed! It’s just amazing and so freaking cute.

I have been having issues with Second Life recently and it is driving me insane I was doing fine till I crashed on Monday and ever since then my mesh either rezzes then disappears or doesn’t rez what so ever. So some of the things that were placed out, sadly, are not showing in the scene. I do apologize for this! I just hope you find this scene good enough to enjoy! I had an adorable little snow couple from Sari-Sari rezzed but sadly SL decided not to rez it!

So many things to mention that I have used in the scene but I will let the image speak for itself!


The Scene:

Scarlet Creative – The Trilby Dacha Mesh Prefab @ Collabor88.
[Con.] & :CP: – Quiet Night Fabric Sofabed Family @ The Garden.
<:*BoOgErS*:> – Sleepy Bear @ The Arcade.
Lark – Cocoa Express – Small Track @ The Garden.
Lark – Cocoa Express – Small Train @ The Garden.
Apple Fall – Christmas Tree RARE @ The Arcade.
Apple Fall – Give a Gift.
(Elate!) – A Posh Picnic – Wine Bottle and Glasses.
[ keke ] – floored glass ball – glow RARE @ The Arcade.
[ keke ] – boxed glass balls – glow RARE @ The Arcade.
[Con.] & :CP: Quiet Night Rug @ The Garden.
.Olive. – the Santa Needs Cookies Candle Platter – Silver.
erratic / home – waffle rolls @ The Arcade.
+Half-Deer+ – Scattered Acorns – All Colors (Mixed – Dark) @ The Chapter Four.
+Half-Deer+ – Scattered Acorns – All Colors (Mixed – Light) @ The Chapter Four.
+Half-Deer+ – Sleepy Italian Greyhound in Dog Bed – Fawn @ The Garden.
Alouette – Short Autumn Hurricane Candleholder.
Alouette – Tall Autumn Hurricane Candleholder.
[ba] – stuffed stocking – green plaid RARE @ The Garden.
Apple Fall –Stuff Me Stocking Advent 7.
[ba] – stuffed stocking – red plaid RARE @ The Garden.
Apple Fall –Stuff Me Stocking Advent 7.
Sari-Sari – Christmas Banner.
+Half-Deer+ – Winter Yak – Fairylights RARE @ The Garden.
Consignment – Dec 2013 Group Gift.
A.V. – Mont Blanc Coat Rack @ The Garden.
::BeetleBones:: – Artic Friends Snow Owl (snow) RARE.
Apple Fall –Edi’s Lamp.
Noodles – House Elves Frame.
A.V. – Mont Blanc Step Stool @ The Garden.
erratic / home – assorted toppings @ The Arcade.
erratic / home – candy canes @ The Arcade.
erratic / home – waffle rolls @ The Arcade.
PILOT – Thick Book Stack @ Collabor88.
PILOT & JIM – Sketchbook @ Collabor88.
.Birdy. – Snow Cub.
[Con.] – Mill Collection – Rug @ FaMESHed.
+Half-Deer+ – Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Fox) RARE.
Alouette – Noel Sign @ The Garden.
Apple Fall –Construct Shelving.
11th Hour: – Stromfield Flyer – RARE @ The Garden.
floorplan. – darkroom photo dryer RARE @ The Arcade.
-tb- – Kitchen Basics – Preserves @ The Arcade.
Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Treasures.
floorplan. – music box / vintage @ The Arcade.
A.V. – Mont Blanc Owl Clock Beige @ The Garden.
floorplan. – darkroom film rolls @ The Arcade.
floorplan. – darkroom filters @ The Arcade.
.mien. – {signs of winter} @ This Winter.
A.V. – Mont Blanc Rocking Chair @ The Garden.
Sway’s – hot-water bottle [Cuddle] snowflake @ The Arcade.
*paper moon* – Tree of Birds – Black @ This Winter.
{what next} – ‘Dancer’ Hobby Horse @ The Garden.
vespertine+ma vie – stockholm chair /chocodot @ Atelier Kreslo.
Kuro – String lights curtain.
Sari-Sari – Black & White Christmas.
tarte. – holiday dining set @ The Garden.
tarte. – snow white rug @ The Garden.
Alouette – Large Pile of Presents @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Double Presents @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Triple Presents Stack @ The Arcade.
tarte. – snowflake ornament @ The Garden.
tarte. – holiday tree @ The Garden.
tarte. – ornament (solid red) @ The Garden.
tarte. – ornament (solid white) @ The Garden.
[Tia] – Green Star Ornament -CBOX @ The Garden.
Sway’s – [Rocking Horse] Ornament – colorful RARE @ The Garden.
[Tia] – Tree Ornament -CBOX @ The Garden.
tarte. – tree topper @ The Garden.
A.D.D.Andel! – Hanging Snowflakes-Silver @ This Winter.

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The Right Place.

The lights are on our side, driving out of town tonight
This night the colour of blue glass
The warm wind is in our hair, summertime is everywhere
It’s funny how today just flew past
I’ve been in the wrong place, I’ve been in the wrong place
Long enough to know I’m in the right place now.

Blog5Main-2Click here for larger image.

So I was watching Bed of Roses while editing this image, so sorry for ruining it with a Bed of Roses song for the title.

I am playing catch up but as I am getting caught up, I wanted to do a decor post which is featuring some of my favourite items of the season!

As you can tell I have been having too much fun with Arcade and a lot of it is featured in this post! I am not going to bore all of you and go into detail about every little thing but I hope you enjoy the image itself!

I have listed everything below for you to see what items I have used in the scene! If I have missed anything please let me know! <3



The Scene: 


Culprit – Neva’s Rustic Cottage.
Trompe Loeil – Holiday Couch with Pillows @ FaMESHed.
Second Spaces – sick day mags, soup, remote.
[Tia] Mona Lisa_Blooms_Sidetable_BrownWood.
floorplan. book clutter.
Trompe Loeil – Snowflake Pillow Bunch with animations @ The Arcade.
Apple Fall – Open Book.
{vespertine}-ornaments garland @ The Arcade.
Scarlet Creative – Festive Branch.
Dutchie – stove.
MudHoney – LanternPlant Winter.
Apple Fall – Backgammon Table.
Apple Fall – Arts & Crafts Books.
Culprit – Old Copper Kettle.
-tres blah- Kitchen Basics – Coffee Pot @ The Arcade.
Tarte. – Wooden Wall Tree.
Apple Fall – Christmas Tree RARE @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Large Pile of Presents @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Single Present 1 @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Single Present 2 @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Triple Presents Stack @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Box of Ornaments 1 @ The Arcade.
{vespertine}-secret prize @ The Arcade.
Alouette – Toy Soldiers @ The Arcade.
Trompe Loeil – Branch Wreath @ The Arcade.
Lark – Christmas Base – RARE @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Raccoon Boy @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Skunk – RARE @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Raccoon Girl @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Fox Girl @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Goat @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Bear @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Fox Boy @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Bunny @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Lamb @ The Arcade.
Lark – Skating Buck @ The Arcade.
Second Spaces – craft room – table.
B.C.C – Hppy kuku My friend Penguin Boy&Girl @ The Arcade.
+Half-Deer+ – Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Fox) RARE.
Alouette – Noel Decoration @ The Arcade.
{vespertine}- origami winter branch @ The Arcade.
Trompe Loeil – Let It Snow Decorative Sled @ The Arcade.
+Half-Deer+ – Dreary Bears – Brown (no shadow).
[Con.] Mill Collection – Rug @ FaMESHed.
Lark – Winter Bunting – Four Walls Hunt.
{vespertine}-starbead curtain @ The Arcade.
{vespertine}-advent calendar @ The Arcade.
Tarte. – Wine Light {large}.
Tarte. – Wine Light {medium}.
Tarte. – Wine Light {small}.
Apple Fall – – Potted Plant (Exotic).
Trompe Loeil – Branch Wreath @ The Arcade.
:CP: Bremen Screen @ FaMESHed.
Trompe Loeil – Snowflake Pillow Bunch with animations @ The Arcade.
Apple Fall – – Storm Lamp (Brass).
Trompe Loeil – Cobble Hill Rug.
Second Spaces – shabby coffee table.
Sari-Sari – Weihnachtsteller @ Four Walls Hunt (Till Dec. 15th).
-tres blah- Kitchen Basics – Bowls @ The Arcade.
O.M.E.N – Fall Delights – Hot Soy Latte.
erratic / home – hot chocolate sticks RARE @ The Arcade.
[ARIA] – Oolong Teacup Planter Iris- Sage.
Trompe Loeil – Tree Candleholder @ The Arcade.
[ARIA] – Oolong Teacup Planter Iris- Mint.
Cheeky Pea – Heart Bookends RARE.
O.M.E.N – Fall Delights – Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa.
Apple Fall – Christmas Cookies @ The Arcade.
Second Spaces – poker set RARE.
Second Spaces – 4across set.
{vespertine}- cookie collection @ The Arcade.


Sari-Sari – Happy.
Sari-Sari – Pinky.
Sari-Sari – Boozy.
Sari-Sari – Flippy.
Cheeky Pea – Chilly Sleds!

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