Moon 9Hello Everyone,

I am back lol, sorry i have not been blogging lately i erm kinda forgot shows how much of a British Dork i am haha.
Anyway i took my inspiration from an old movie i watched in the last few weeks Coyote Ugly i totally adore it, and might i add if LeAnn Rimes can get into those tight painted on trouses or pants as the Americans call it i can blog her song lol.
Btw this pic took me three weeks of my twin trying and having patience with me in PS lol my first ever Photoshop Picture yay me

So this dress is so elegant and is totally mesh which is great as it comes in all sizes from xxs to xl, the shoes are from my favourite store for shoes anyway.
Anyay this is just a quick blog hope everyone has a great New Years Eve tomorrow it’s party time woot.

Love Eli <3

What i am wearing etc etc

Sim : Our home sim not open to public access
Shape : Made by my twin sorry no copying
Skin : Amberly skin – Glam Affair
Eyes: Light Liquid Mesh eyes Deep emerald – Mayfly
Eye lashes: Regina Eyes lashes – Glam Affair
Earrings : Snowflakes drop - Alice Project
Hair : Abbey browns – [E]
Dress : Bella snow (mesh) - Avale
Shoes: MANA letti peep toe style silver – NX-Nardcotix


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