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The Imperfect Avatar is run by a group of friends, the main blogger is Elvi Hartley. This site was created for people to collaborate together and show their individual styles off. Elvi is quirky, has various styles depending on her mood. She tends to ramble in her posts but that’s just Elvi!

A message from Elvi:
I am not a professional, and I will never claim to be. I just like to take pretty pictures and work on them. I try to create scenes from my mind and work on it. I find Second Life to be a place where I can recreate some of my visions. I like to design sims, I have found that I have a passion for them which made me end up with three sims! I am a dork, I like to think I have a quirky style. I always try to keep my look different, and not always be the same! Apart from shopping, fashion and landscaping… I do love to decorate and it normally gets me into trouble as I tend to decorate other peoples homes when I have nothing better to do! I hope you like what I do and will continue to like it! <3


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